Online Resources

Online Resources

My Life Line

Looking for a way to stay connected and build a support community? Through MyLifeLine, you can create a personal webpage and update family and friends on how you’re doing, let loved ones know when your next appointment is, or learn more about your specific type of cancer. The mission of MyLifeLine is to empower cancer patients and caregivers to build an online support community to encourage connection, inspiration, and healing by receiving social, emotional and practical care from loved ones.


Open to Options

We can help you make a decision about treatment that is right for you—through Open to Options, an individualized decision support counseling program here at CSC.

Open to Options makes a difference! A member who was struggling with a treatment decision recently met with Kelly, one of our social workers, to build a list of important questions, concerns, goals, and priorities related to his treatment in preparation for an appointment with his physician. At his request, Kelly shared the list with his doctor ahead of the appointment. As a result, his doctor recommended rescheduling a few days later to have enough time to discuss his options and fully address his questions.

If you want help preparing for treatment discussions with your health care team, consider Open to Options. Contact Kelly O’Neal, MSW, LMSW at 314-238-2000 ext. 230 to learn more.

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